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We have been working with our client in Wales who wants to build an innovative, complex and efficient home. The home will be heated and cooled using Geothermal technology to supply underfloor heating pipes. This system is also being integrated into the MVHR (heat recovery ventilation system) which is fed throughout the entire home (including the cinema in the basement which also uses an MEV purge system to keep in line with building regulations) system 1 of 5 on the 1st floor gallery area is now situated and being connected. This system will integrate to the geothermal fed underfloor heating/cooling system through an inline heating and cooling coil in the supply duct work (which is yet to be insulated). As the underfloor heating/cooling system runs the MVHR will take the hot or cold water into the coil which will change the temperature of the air being supplied to the areas.

The 2 grey smaller ducts hanging will feed a supply vent in that floor area once the ceiling is fitted and finished.

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